Amenities & Pricing 

Standardbred Race Horse Seasonal Rentals 2017-2018 Season (10/15/17 - 4/30/18)


Received by: 

stall rent

Stall rental includes use of: 

  • Stratton exercisers 
  • 11/16 mile track 
  • 3/4 mile training strip
  • 6/10 mile sand jog track 

9/15/2017          10/15/2017          11/1/2017

  $2,450                $2,600                $3,100      


& offices

Received by: 

9/15/2017          10/15/2017          11/1/2017

  $2,940                $3,120              $3,720      


groom's quarters

Seasonal rate:    $1,700     *Must be paid by 10/15/2017

Seasonal rate:    $2,700     *Must be paid by 10/15/2017

Monthly rate:    $510

with air conditioning*

Monthly rate:   $750 plus electricity, full 1/2 back side

barns and rooms


For seasonal rentals of Full Barn or more stalls you will receive one free office. In addition, for seasonal rentals of a full barn you will receive one free padlock. 

*extra padlocks as per sales above

Please note the following: 

  • All stalls are rented by the season. No discounts will be issued for shortened stays. 
  • All sales must be paid by 12/31/2017 or when horses ship - whichever occurs first. 
  • Electric bills are the responsibility of the tenants that occupy the offices and will be billed for season upon your arrival. 
  • Stalls may be sublet only with managements written permission. We reserve the right to reject anyone from being on our premises. 

Whoever makes reservations for Groom's Quarters is responsible to pay even if Groom leaves your employ. 

We will bill owners directly for stalls if requested but due to the extra bookkeeping involved there will be an additional $25 added to each bill if more than one person is billed per stall. Please note all trainers are responsipble for the bills and must sign releases upon arrival. All occupants must sign a lease provided by management.